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2017 marks our sixth consecutive session in Tallahassee. Each year the funds raised are spent to provide a three-bedroom furnished apartment that serves as our headquarters, retreat and houses the Florida CAN staff and a rotating cast of affected persons from around the state. It allows us to create, publish and print materials necessary to educate and persuade lawmakers.

In 2015 we spent just under $15,000 plus thousands in unpaid salaries, in-kind donations of services and goods we used.

In 2016, we spent just under $18,000 in cash, our team volunteered their time and paid most of their expenses.

Our 2016 legislative accomplishments included:

·       Creating and promoting five action campaigns for online supporters to write their lawmakers - including the paraphenalia and pesticide rebellion

·       Shepherding bills through committee and speaking on behalf of consumers at committee hearings leading to the passage of the Right to Try Act;

·       Introducing amendments to expand several of the cannabis bills which lead to hours of discussion on the floor of the Senate.

·       Halting HB 161 by Rep. Dave Kerner, a bill to introduce a nano-gram limit for driving under the influence;

·       Increasing the number of lawmakers who understand cannabis as a first option, not a last resort;

·       Expanding our reputation among leadership as the name to trust in cannabis information.

The 2016 election in Florida gave us many new House members, a great line up of Senators and the passage of Amendment 2 which will significantly expand the number of patients. We have lost many opportunities by not being sufficiently funded in Tallahassee. From the begining of January until the first week of May lawmakers, lobbyists, potential allied associations, business representatives, University leaders and an assortment of interested citizens make things happen from dawn until long past dusk. Business is done at the morning prayer breakfast, the luncheon on the patio and throughout the night at the many dinner, fundraisers and programs scheduled while in session. In order to take advantage of more opportunities and accomplish our legislative priorities we seek raise $35,000 to ensure we can accomplish our legislative priorities. Click here to read our 2017 legislative priorities.


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