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Cannabis is also known as pot, maryjane, weed, herb, ganja, marijuana, swag, crippy, kind, and many more. From the Family Cannabaceae and Genus Cannabis, this plant bears seeds, and reproduces annually.

M - Marijuana (cannabis) is harmless.
F - Nothing is 100% harmless for 100% of the population. Cannabis has no LD50 (lethal dose) and is relatively harmless for most people when used medically. Current state law in Florida makes the penalty for cannabis possession up to a $1000 fine and up to one year in jail.
M - Medical Marijuana is a stalking horse for legalization. 
F- Cannabis is an effective, relatively inexpensive treatment for a variety of ailments. Advocates of legalization agree allowances should be made for patients needing medical treatment.
M - Marijuana (cannabis) causes mental illness.
F - There is no correlation between cannabis use and the onset of mental illness. Those with mental illness often turn to illegal drugs in an effort to self-medicate. For the treatment of depression and Bi-polar disorder it can be a safe, effective alternative medicine.
M - The Federal Government won't allow medical marijuana.
F- States with strong regulation over the medical cannabis industry are not falling under fire by the Department of Justice. States like Colorado have flourishing medical industries. These industries are licensed and regulated, they provide jobs, pay taxes, and provide an important alternative medical service to patients.
M - Marijuana (cannabis) is not safe.
F - Cannabis is being used around the world to treat a variety of ailments. We have over 4000 years of recorded medical use. If is a safe, effective alternative to the use of more toxic drugs. In fact, it's so safe that it has been a challenge to even determine a lethal dose of cannabis.
M - You have to smoke cannabis to get the effect.
F - Smoking or vaporizing is the most effective method of using cannabis. The rapid absorbtion through the lungs and mucous membranes allows patients to titrate their dose and quickly feel the effects. Cannabis preparations - tinctures, lozenges, under-the-tongue sprays, suppositories and edibles are also used by patients. 
M - Marijuana is a “gateway” drug that leads to hard drugs. 
F- In Amsterdam, where they have tolerated soft-drug use for decades, studies show just 1.8% of their youth have tried cocaine and 75% of adult cannabis users do not use any other illegal drugs.*
M - Marijuana use is increasing at an alarming rate.
F - As more patients turn to cannabis as an alternative to more harmful remedies, cannabis use will go up. As cannabis use becomes more socially accepted, people who already use cannabis are more likely to acknowledge their use.
M - Marijuana is an addictive drug.
F - When comparing popular drug dangers, cannabis ranks lower than nicotine and alcohol for dependence, withdrawal and tolerance. Cannabis ranks lower than caffeine in all three categories.*
M - Marijuana potency has increased substantially.
F - There are two distinct strains of cannabis, Indica and Sativa. Through advanced cultivation techniques cannabis strains target certain symptoms. Patients using specialized cannabis can use less of the medicine with better results. As with other drugs, in legal cannabis markets, users often DON'T choose the most potent variety available.
M - Marijuana produces amotivational syndrome.
F - Despite numerous studies trying to prove the assertion, researchers have found no evidence that cannabis use is a factor in motivation.*


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