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Tuesday, 04 November 2014 00:00

What about the children?

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“What about the children?” you say. My response: What children?

You mean the children who have Dravet syndrome and are denied the antidote while Florida is busy fighting lawsuits? Yes, what about them?

Are you talking about the children of parents who forego the cure to cancer because it’s illegal, unknown or untrusted? Do you think those kids care what the FDA and the law says if Mom or Dad gets to live?

Let’s talk about the children of soldiers who return home with PTSD. Without marijuana, the only remaining options for them may be sustaining abuse or separation from a parent they love (and who served the country).

What about the children who have their futures ruined because of a pot arrest? What value does that have? You can get over an addiction, but you never get over a conviction.

How about the children who are already dealing marijuana in high school, or the kids buying from them? Do you really think that a medical marijuana law changes any of that? Could it get any easier than it already is for a teen who wants it to get pot?

You must mean the children of the thousands of parents, mostly brown and black, arrested every year in Florida for no crime other than marijuana? Are those kids better off in the system?

What about my children? What happens to them if I exaggerate the harm caused by marijuana even one iota? They would not trust me to advise them, and they would not understand the true value of having this plant at the right time and place, and under the right circumstances.

What about the children who would be harmed by ending cannabis prohibition? Find me one.


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