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Sunday, 02 August 2015 08:45

How Do We Get to the Emerald City

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We arrived at the Denver airport in Colorado just about 40 hours ago. The trip is mostly for work research, but we came in on Friday night to have some fun before Monday. I'm honored to be traveling with two dynamic woman, Ethel Rowland, our Legislative Director and Linda Fortier, our Project Manager, a recent addition to our team. This week is Linda's birthday, so the entire trip has several celebratory edges! After all, we are in Denver for our friend's birthday.


My life had a very strong Alice in Wonderland theme for nearly three decades. My experiences, like Alice, led me to be able to perform this single piece, a voice in the chorus of reform advocates. That time is past; but, lately the Wizard of Oz is taking on a pervasive air in my life.


Ethel had no idea of my recent rants about the Wizard of Oz when she announced our first stop after our late arrival in Denver was Emerald Fields, a retail cannabis shop open until 11:45. A stop at Emerald Fields, then off to the Emerald City - my friend added a picture of the ruby slippers to my Facebook post and the analogy was shaping up.

So here we are in the Emerald City. Certainly, the course of cannabis reform in Florida has been dominated by the scarecrows with no brain, the tin men and women with no heart and the lion with no courage.

The mission in the Emerald City - find out who/or what it is behind the curtain. Yes, ladies and gentleman we are here to expose the myths.

So 40 hours in - we have been to three shops. In Emerald Fields, we bought buds and papers- come to think of it they could have thrown in lighter! The bud tender was nice, we explored several strains and thought we settled on three. When we got home, we didn't have the strains we thought we had ordered. We weren't very savvy buyers. Turns out guests to the Emerald City can acquire coupons from a variety of outlet services- no need to pay retail. Now that we have a supply of bud for the weekend, we know to price shop and we've learned what questions to ask in comparing products

My last thought before I sign off today is about how otherwise responsible adults act when they use cannabis. I made a conscious decision not to use edibles, yet. We bought chocolate and gummy bears, all in locked bags and child proof containers. I am reminded of the Maureen Dowd experience with a chocolate bar. Monday is an important meeting with the Denver Office of Marijuana Policy. Edibles have been a source of problems for me in the past. Since the cannabis is processed differently as a food, and the way cannabis is added to food differs, the results for me are unpredictable. Sometimes I even feel hungover, so definitely no edibles for me until after our meeting at least.

Ethel is our designated driver. She is an experienced woman, traveled all over the world and understands the importance of set and setting. She does not consume cannabis regularly. Friday after our arrival and throughout the day on Saturdays, we consumed smoked and vaped cannabis leisurely. We walked to two outlet stores, with a stop at Irish Snug for lunch. We took Lift to the Puff, pass and paint. We are off to a hot spring shortly, so Ethel has abstained all morning, despite my use.


Thanks for following our journey through Oz enroute to the Emerald City. We - the team of FLCAN here and at home hope to open up a conversation about the type of regulation we need in Florida- we all want to be safe, we all want to be free. I look forward to exploring these ideas with you from here in Denver.


Watch for my next post - a discuss of the ban on public consumption.

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