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Thursday, 24 September 2015 10:38

When Healing Becomes a Crime

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By Michael Edwards, MA, CHES, RHEd
   I discovered a very interesting book at a friend’s house in Vero Beach recently by the same name as this title. It tells the story of Harry Hoxey, who back in the 1920’s discovered the cure for cancer. 
So, how come most of us have never heard of Mr. Hoxey or “the Hoxey Herbal Tonic”? It’s all about what today is called a “medical monopoly”. Numerous treatments for diseases have been found over the last century, and some of the most promising, unfortunately, have been put back in the closet never to see the light of day. In my opinion, the reasons are always the same-greed. You can always make more money from patients by treating them for a lifetime. When you cure them, they’re no longer an income stream.
   As with other promising disease cures, medical politics and suppression of “natural cures” (non-patentable) have plagued the US since the early 1900’s, when the medical-industrial complex was born. Since then, the medical-corporate state has been more successful at controlling disease-cures rather than controlling the diseases themselves.  For over 20 years, Hoxey fought to have his natural tonic tested-without having to divulge the secret ingredients-to no avail. Not only was he branded a “Snake Oil Salesman” and a Quack, but was attacked by the AMA, FDA, and the American Cancer Institute. His clinic was forced to pack up and move to Mexico, outside the grasp of the FDA, where they are still reporting up to 80% cure rates today!
    This is not the first time US citizens have had to travel out of the US to obtain real, inexpensive cures.  I’ve read several books about the Gerson treatments and have enjoyed sharing the documentary, “Dying to Have Known” about the successes of the Gerson clinic-which has also found a safe-haven in Mexico. Yet another natural cure we will remember from the 60’s-Laetrile- is derived from peach and apricot pits. The FDA reported to the media that their studies were inconclusive. The news died down and we forgot about laetrile. However, in recent years, information was uncovered that showed the studies had actually been positive-but no further testing was done-and the studies were shelved. Although Laetrile is illegal in the US, the same material is now available in some areas under the label “B-17”.
 More recently, yet another cure for cancer has been uncovered by an individual in Canada-Rick Simpson. Mr. Simpson discovered, from research and his own trial and error methods, that cannabis and hemp oil can cure many forms of cancer and other diseases. It’s been well documented since the 1970’s that cannabis can kill cancer cells. In 1993, there were studies underway to find out more. That was over 20 years ago. Cannabis (marijuana) still is illegal in many states (including Florida) and is still considered a “Schedule 1 drug” by the DEA, which means it has NO medical use and is highly addictive. Since both of these prerequisites doesn’t apply to cannabis, many of us wonder who the DEA is actually protecting, and are pretty determined to do something about it. We have become activated and motivated to change the laws or the constitution. There is NO legitimate reason to withhold disease cures from the American people! 
  Rick Simpson, in an attempt to share his “secret”, began giving away his oil to friends and relatives. Understandably, the news of this cure spread like wildfire. Unfortunately, when the smoke cleared, once again the Medical Monopoly prevailed. According to an email he sent me recently, in response to my offer for a Free Florida Vacation…  “Unfortunately, I cannot cross the US/Canadian boarder.  From my activities of curing people of cancer, I’m now considered a convicted felon for ‘practicing medicine without a license’.
   His documentary, “Run FROM the Cure” is a must see. It’s available on Youtube.com and other sources. While you’re at it, check out the documentary, “Dying to Have Known”, about the Gerson clinic, and read Ralph Moss’s book, “The Cancer Industry”. When your head stops spinning, make up your own mind about what’s happened to the US healthcare system, how to create more awareness, and what you can do to end the censorship of real cures to disease. 
   Michael’s new book, “Against the Grain: Reflections from a Rogue Health Educator” is now available on Amazon.com. (There is a free-loaner book-on CD in the church library).
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