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Thursday, 21 January 2016 15:31

Cannabis 101 at the Capitol

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The “Cannabis 101” Exhibit at the Florida State Capitol was the first-of-its-kind. 
Pioneers of the cannabis movement joined together from all around the state of Florida to help bring sensible change to the current cannabis policies. Bringing proper education about the whole plant and making a presence at the Capitol was the main intent of the event. 
The exhibit truly did cover all the different aspects of cannabis. 160120-CapitolDaysm.jpg
Industry experts and medical practitioners formed around the Second Floor Rotunda to set up displays with educational content for legislators. Artists from different professional backgrounds arranged inspirational paintings throughout the hall for the public.
The industry experts and hemp advocates explained the industrial benefits of hemp, and how the plant’s fiber and seed are capable of producing over 20,000 different products – all while absorbing carbon dioxide, reversing the effects of global climate change and refining the air that we breathe. Houses, cars, and fuel-alternatives are just a handful of possibilities hemp has the potential to be made in to. 

Medical practitioners and other specialists elucidated the endocannabinoid system (ECS), the physiological roles of cannabis and its interaction with the cannabinoid receptors. As well as explained to the public how each individual has this ECS and should be aware of its role and functionality.
Many cannabis inspired artists with various painting styles contributed their artwork to be shown at the exhibit. (This painting was displayed by Art 420.)
A primer for lawmakers engaged in legislation, emphasizing the industrial, medicinal and the sustainable benefits of cannabis, was provided. 
Cannabis 101 was a success. Perspectives were changed and voices were heard.  
However, until Florida fully harnesses the potential of the whole plant, we will never entirely progress in reaching our economic potential as a state and well-being as a society. If you feel having access to cannabis is a human right, then make sure to sign the Right of Adults to Cannabis petition to end cannabis prohibition in Florida and take back our human right.
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