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Saturday, 04 February 2017 14:27

Cannabis laws are changing and Florida CAN is changing too!

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This month marks 20 years for past-President Cathy Jordan and our current Executive Director Jodi James.  Twenty years ago, at an event organized by Mike Palmeri and a group known as FORML (Florida Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws), Cathy and Jodi met. For twenty-years they have traveled the state and the country together to ensure you were represented.

Because of their work and the hundreds of people who have been a core part of the Florida reform efforts, voters were ready to embrace Amendment 2. When the United for Care group came around, the polls already showed well over 70% in favor of safe, legal access to cannabis for patients and over 56% supported legalization for adults.

We’ve successfully expanded the medical cannabis exemption past the medical necessity defense. We now have pre-arrest options, legal medical dispensing centers, legal growers and a blooming cannabis industry serving patients. The fight goes on, but the battlefield is different, the weapons have changed and the warrior are bolder than ever.

In the coming weeks Florida CAN is launching a new website.  Where in the past we’ve covered the history of the movement and provided action content, the new site is full of information for current patients, those who may need cannabis, those who want cannabis and those who are using cannabis ahead of the law.

The new site will have member-only content. We will still have the action alerts and monthly newsletter you’ve come to expect, even if you don’t chose to donate or can’t afford to donate. We’ll be adding member-only content about the growing industry, business tips for the new industry, recommendations for consumer-friendly items, and a regular forecast of what’s coming up in the business arena as well as more member-only event invitation.

This isn’t about money, this is about resources. If you can’t afford even a small monthly donation, then take action. If you are a regular contributor on social media our team will know and actions mean something to us. Not into social media? No problem, you can take action through our email action alerts. We don’t want to exclude anyone who is serious about cannabis reform, but there are no free rides. We take cannabis reform seriously; we want to work with, and for, those who are just as serious.

We are following the 80/20 principle – we are spending 80% of our time and your resources on the 20% who make a difference. That means lawmakers, opinion leaders, industry leaders and members who are ready to end cannabis prohibition. We already spend nearly 80% of our annual income in Tallahassee helping lawmakers understand the value of cannabis and protecting consumers in the process.

We need to be in Tallahassee. Our efforts are for the consumer.

Industry doesn’t care if you can’t use cannabis in public. We do. We don’t want some poor person going to jail for something stupid and have additional charges for wearing a cannabis patch in public.

Industry wants a nuclear option like pesticides just in case of an infestation. We don’t. We think any amount of pesticide, once concentrated is a bad idea for patients.

Law enforcement doesn’t want home grow and industry doesn’t care. We care. We think you should have a right to use cannabis as a first option, not a last resort. Our petition, The Right of Adults to Cannabis, would allow anyone 21 and older to use, possess and cultivate cannabis for their own use while allowing legislature to address commerce.

Don’t be left behind. Join Florida CAN as an individual member with a donation of $35.00 or more, or join our Business and Professional Development committee with your donation of $500 or more. Click here to get a donate page with PayPal option. Need to make a tax-deductible donation? Want to advertise with Florida CAN? Call the office at 321-253-3673 and a volunteer will help you.



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