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Wednesday, 10 July 2013 20:00

4 Ways to Change Marijuana Laws

Every single day cannabis supporters in Florida have an opportunity to be part of the movement to create sensible policies for Florida. Whether you are an overt supporter – pot tattoos, pot leaf apparel and a bowl on your belt (shout out to Fred!); or a covert supporter – hemp high tops, vaporizer pens and a supply of fake urine for work- you can help us change the laws. Florida CAN encourages people to have 30-second elevator speeches ready; to show your support by liking…
Sunday, 29 November 2009 19:00

Would 2010 be soon enough?

I spoke with Mitch with Creative Loafing today. He is writing a story about the medical marijuana initiative. PUFMM, the Florida Political Action Committee circulating the initiative still lacks the signatures necessary to make the 2010 ballot. Mitch was looking for my thought on the cannabis situation in Florida. Florida law makers should be ashamed of themselves for not having made cannabis legal already and it is time they went on the record. Patients who use cannabis really are caught in the crossfire. 2010 is…
Thursday, 19 December 2013 12:52

Time to retire the Drug War moniker?

                A famous story describes a short conversation with Mother Teresa and an activist who implored her to join her in attending an anti-war rally. The nun said no, she would not attend an anti-war rally however she would attend a peace rally. At first this response might seem a little pedantic, but upon reflection it makes a very important point. When we fight against someone or something it is an aggressive act. We’re highlighting our differences and defining our “opposition” as an enemy. The…
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