Legislative Scorecard

Florida voters deserve to know how their representatives in the Florida House and Senate feel about cannabis reform. Since 2012, we have gathered information on the current lawmakers. We’ve identified our allies, gathered intel from the opposition, tracked what lawmakers said and what they did - when it came to cannabis!

The scorecard and legislative map is changing daily as our volunteers and staff make meetings with lawmakers, scout for public comments and work the phones. Lawmakers who rate a "D" on our scorecard, are new and have never expressed an opinion on cannabis reform. Follow our Be the Change program to help get your lawmakers go from Average to Outstanding!

2015 Florida Cannabis Action Network Legislative Scorecard

Scorecard Legend and Summary

Legislative Scorecard on Cannabis
Score Definition Summary
A Lawmakers that receive an 'A' rating publicly supports rational cannabis policies that promotes the Florida CAN Plan:
  • Increase Public safety
  • Improve Quality of Life for Patients
  • Open Opportunities for Research
  • Save Taxpayers Money
  • Create a New Economic Engine
9 Lawmakers
B The 'B' rating are for lawmakers that have told Florida Cannabis Action Network representatives that they support reforming cannabis laws to create sensible policies. 23 Lawmakers
C Lawmakers receiving a 'C' rating are on the record supporting some sort of cannabis reform. They publicly support some level of medical cannabis use, are in favor of revisiting criminal penalies but they do not understand the full policy implication of cannabis prohibition. 89 Lawmakers
D Lawmakers that receive a 'D' rating have no public position on cannabis reform; 22 Lawmakers
F These politicians have received an 'F' rating because they have either:
  • Voted against cannabis-friendly legislation in the 2014 regular legislative session;
  • Made public statements opposing reforming cannabis laws; or
  • Answered in opposition in the Florida Cannabis Action Network's legislative questionnaire.
15 Lawmakers

Out of a total of 160 lawmakers - 40 in the Senate / 120 in the House of Representatives - a minimum of 81 lawmakers are needed to vote in the affirmative to pass sensible cannabis legislation in the State of Florida.


Florida Senate Scorecard

2015 Florida Senate Scorecard on Cannabis
Senate District # - Location Senator (Political Party) Score
1 - Bay Co., Holmes Co., Jackson Co., Walton Co., Washington Co., and part of Okaloosa Co. Gaetz, Don (REP) C
2 - Escambia Co., Santa Rosa Co., and part of Okaloosa Co. Evers, Greg (REP) C
- Calhoun Co., Franklin Co., Gadsden Co., Gulf Co., Hamilton Co., Jefferson Co., Leon Co., Liberty Co., Madison Co., Taylor Co., and Wakulla Co. Montford, Bill (DEM) C
4 - Nassau Co. and part of Duval Co. Bean, Aaron (REP) C
5 - Baker Co., Citrus Co., Columbia Co., Dixie Co., Gilchrist Co., Lafayette Co., Levy Co., Suwanne Co., Union Co., and part of Marion Co. Dean, Charles S. (REP) C
6 - Flagler Co., Putnam Co., St. Johns Co., and part of Volusia Co. [Vacant] D
7 - Alachua Co., Bradford Co., and Clay Co. Bradley, Rob (REP) C
8 - Parts of Lake Co., Marion Co., and Volusia Co. Hukill, Dorothy L. (REP) F
9 - Part of Duval Co. Gibson, Audrey (DEM) C
10 - Seminole Co. and part of Volusia Co. Simmons, David (REP) C
11 - Part of Lake Co., Marion Co., Orange Co., and Sumter Co. Hays, Alan (REP) F
12 - Part of Orange Co. Thompson, Geraldine F. (DEM) F
13 - Parts of Brevard Co. and Orange Co. Gardiner, Andy (REP) F
14 - Parts of Orange Co., Osceola Co., and Polk Co. Soto, Darren (DEM) B
15 - Parts of Orange Co., Osceola Co., and Polk Co. Stargel, Kelli (REP) C
16 - Parts of Brevard Co. and Indian River Co. Altman, Thad (REP) F
17 - Parts of Hillsborough Co. and Pasco Co. Legg, John (REP) C
18 - Hernando Co. and parts of Pasco Co. and Sumter Co. Simpson, Wilton (REP) C
19 - Parts of Hillsborough Co., Manatee Co., and Pinellas Co. Joyner, Arthenia L. (DEM) C
20 - Part of Pinellas Co. Latvala, Jack (REP) F
21 - Okeechobee Co. and parts of Highlands Co., Martin Co., Osceola Co., Polk Co., and St. Lucie Co. Grimsley, Denise (REP) C
22 - Parts of Hillsborough Co. and Pinellas Co. Brandes, Jeff (REP) C
23 - Parts of Collier Co. and Lee Co. Richter, Garrett (REP) C
24 - Part of Hillsborough Co. Lee, Tom (REP) C
25 - Part of Palm Beach Co. Abruzzo, Joseph (DEM) B
26 - DeSoto Co., Glades Co., Hardee Co. and parts of Charlotte Co. Highlands Co., Hillsborough Co., and Manatee Co. Galvano, Bill (REP) C
27 - Part of Palm Beach Co. Clemens, Jeff (DEM) A
28 - Sarasota Co. and part Charlotte Co. Detert, Nancy C. (REP) C
29 - Part of Broward Co. Ring, Jeremy (DEM) C
30 - Parts of Charlotte Co. and Lee Co. Benacquisto, Lizbeth (REP) F
31 - Part of Broward Co. Smith, Christopher "Chris" (DEM) C
32 - Parts of Indian River  Co., Martin Co., Palm Beach Co., and St. Lucie Co. Negron, Joe (REP) C
33 - Part of Broward Co. Sobel, Eleanor (DEM) B
34 - Parts of Broward Co. and Palm Beach Co. Sachs, Maria (DEM) B
35 - Part of Miami-Dade Co. Margolis, Gwen (DEM) C
36 - Parts of Broward Co. and Miami-Dade Co. Braynon, II, Oscar (DEM) B
37 - Part of Miami-Dade Co. Flores, Anitere (REP) C
38 - Part of Miami-Dade Co. Garcia, Rene (REP) F
39 - Hendry Co. and Monroe Co. and parts of Collier Co. and Miami-Dade Co. Bullard, Dwight (DEM) A
40 - Part of Miami-Dade Co. Diaz de la Portilla, Miguel A. (REP) C

Engage your Senator and Representative to take action now. They won't move on this issue unless their constituents provide them the cover to do so.

Florida House of Representatives Scorecard

2015 Florida House of Representatives Scorecard on Cannabis
House District # Representative (Political Party) Score
1 Ingram, Clay (REP) C
2 Hill, Mike (REP) C
3 Broxson, Doug (REP) C
4 Gaetz, Matt (REP) B
5 Drake, Brad (REP) D
6 Trumbull, Jay (REP) D
7 Beshears, Halsey (REP) B
8 Williams, Alan (DEM) C
9 Rehwinkel Vasilinda, Michelle (DEM) A
10 Porter, Elizabeth (REP) C
11 Adkins, Janet H. (REP) C
12 Ray, Lake (REP) C
14 Jones, Mia (DEM) C
15 Fant, Jay (REP) D
16 McBurney, Charles (REP) C
17 Renuart, Ronald (Doc) (REP) C
18 Cummings, William Travis (REP) C
19 Van Zant, Charles (REP) C
20 Watson, Jr., Clovis (DEM) C
21 Perry, Keith (REP) B
22 Stone, Charlie (REP) C
23 Baxley, Dennis (REP) F
24 Hutson, Travis (REP) C
25 Costello, Fred (REP) D
26 Taylor, Dwayne L. (DEM) C
27 Santiago, David (REP) B
28 Brodeur, Jason T. (REP) C
29 Plakon, Scott (REP) D
30 Coretes, Robert "Bob" (REP) D
31 Sullivan, Jennifer (REP) D
32 Metz, Larry (REP) F
33 O'Toole, H. Marlene (REP) C
34 Smith, Jimmie T. (REP) C
35 Ingoglia, Blaise (REP) D
36 Murphy, Amanda (DEM) B
37 Corcoran, Richard (REP) C
38 Burgess, Jr., Daniel Wright "Danny" (REP) D
39 Combee, Neil (REP) C
40 Burton, Colleen (REP) D
41 Wood, John (REP) C
42 La Rosa, Mike (REP) C
43 Cortes, John (DEM) D
44 Eisnaugle, Eric (REP) C
45 Bracy, Randolph (DEM) A
46 Antone, Bruce Hadley (DEM) C
47 Miller, Mike (REP) A
48 Torres Jr., Victor M. (DEM) C
49 Plasencia, Rene "Coach P" (REP) A
50 Goodson, Tom (REP) B
51 Crisafulli, Steve (REP) B
52 Workman, Ritch (REP) B
53 Tobia, John (REP) F
54 Mayfield, Debbie (REP) B
55 Pigman, Dr. Cary (REP) B
56 Albritton, Ben (REP) C
57 Raburn, Jake (REP) C
58 Raulerson, Dan (REP) C
59 Spano, Ross (REP) C
60 Young, Dana (REP) D
61 Narain, Edwin (DEM) D
62 Cruz, Janet (DEM) C
63 Harrison, Shawn (REP) D
65 Sprowls, Chris (REP) D
66 Ahern, Larry (REP) C
67 Latvala, Ed (REP) C
68 Dudley, Dwight (DEM) C
69 Peters, Kathleen (REP) C
70 Rouson, Darryl Ervin (DEM) C
71 Boyd, Jim (REP) C
72 Pilon, Ray (REP) B
73 Steube, Greg (REP) C
74 Holder, Doug (REP) C
75 Roberson, Ken (REP) B
76 Rodrigues, Ray (REP) C
77 Eagle, Dane (REP) C
78 Fitzenhagen, Heather (REP) C
79 Caldwell, Matt (REP) B
80 Hudson, Matt (REP) C
81 Rader, Kevin (DEM) B
82 Magar, MaryLynn (REP) C
83 Harrell, Gayle (REP) F
84 Lee Jr., Larry (DEM) B
85 Rooney Jr., Patrick J. (REP) C
86 Pafford, Mark (DEM) A
87 Kerner, Dave (DEM) B
88 Powell, Bobby (DEM) C
89 Hager, Bill (REP) C
90 Berman, Lori (DEM) A
91 Slosberg, Irving "Irv" (DEM) C
92 Clarke-Reed, Gwyndolen "Gwyn" (DEM) C
93 Moraitis, George (REP) F
94 DuBose, Bobby B. (DEM) D
95 Rogers, Hazelle P. (DEM) C
96 Jacobs, Kristin (DEM) D
97 Moskowitz, Jared E. (DEM) C
98 Edwards, Katie (DEM) A
99 Jenne, Evan (DEM) D
100 Gibbons, Joseph A. (DEM) C
101 Jones, Shevrin D. (DEM) C
102 Pritchett, Sharon (DEM) B
103 Diaz, Jr., Manny (REP) C
104 Stark, Richard "Rick" (DEM) C
105 Trujillo, Carlos (REP) F
106 Passidomo, Kathleen (REP) C
107 Watson, Barbara A. (DEM) C
108 Campbell, Daphne (DEM) B
109 Stafford, Cynthia A. (DEM) C
110 Oliva, Jose (REP) C
111 Avila, Bryan (REP) D
112 Rodriguez, Jose' Javier (DEM) C
113 Richardson, David (DEM) C
114 Fresen, Erik (REP) C
115 Bileca, Michael (REP) F
116 Diaz, Jose Felix (REP) C
117 McGhee, Kionne L. (DEM) C
118 Artiles, Frank (REP) C
119 Nunez, Jeanette M. (REP) C
120 Raschein, Holly (REP) B

There are 120 members of Florida's House of Representatives.

Engage your Senator and Representative to take action now. They won't move on this issue unless their constituents provide them the cover to do so.

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