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Cannabis Odd Couple Feb 6, 2014

Cannabis’ Odd Couple, Donnie Clark and Cathy Jordan, are making their first public appearance on February 6, 2014 at the Manatee Tiger Bay Club meeting.

Cathy Jordan is the president of the Florida Cannabis Action Network. She is also a living, breathing testimony to the benefits of cannabis. In 1986, Cathy was diagnosed with a rapidly progressing form of ALS and given 3-5 years to live. By 1989 she had deteriorated to the point where she believed the best course was to winter in Florida, save enough muscle relaxants to go back to Delaware, and die with dignity. On a beach in Bradenton, she tried  a strain of cannabis called Myakka Gold, and it changed her life. That strain of cannabis stopped the progress of her disease. Cathy is still disabled, still a daily cannabis consumer, and she is qualified by the state of Florida as a patient with a medical necessity. She's also a proud advocate for reform.

Myakka Gold changed Donnie Clark’s life too. He was serving state time for cultivating Myakka Gold when he was charged with a RICO conspiracy. The punishment for his RICO charge?  A mandatory sentence of life in prison. Thanks to the efforts of Families Against Mandatory Minimums, President Bill Clinton commuted Donnie’s sentence, allowing him to complete his sentence and come home.

Cathy and Donnie will be facing off against a member of the Manatee Drug-Free Community. The Tiger Bay Club is a private club, but the public is welcome to attend the meeting. The meeting is February 6, 2014. It begins promptly at 12 noon, and the cost for guests is $25.00.

Tiger Bay Club Pier 22 1200 1st Avenue, W. Bradenton, FL             www.manateetigerbay.org

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