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Cannabis Legislation Moving in Tallahassee

Melbourne, FL  - Florida CAN is proud to announce that the Florida House Criminal Justice Committee is hosting a workshop on January 9, 2014 to learn more about medical hemp as part of a sentencing bill. The workshop, co-hosted by Chairman Matt Gaetz (R) and Representative Katie Edwards (D), will focus on low THC, high CBD strains of cannabis that are proving effective in the treatment of seizure disorders with minimal or no psychoactive effects.  Florida CAN introduced model bill language to lawmakers, inspiring bi-partisan support at these hearings. Several Florida families have already moved to Colorado, where high CBD cannabis products are legal.

Florida CAN President Cathy Jordan lives with Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS). She was diagnosed in 1986 and given 3-5 years to live. The neuro-protectant properties of cannabis have slowed the progress of her disease and allowed her to thrive. In addition to the low THC, high CBD bill, lawmakers are reviewing the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act, due to be re-induced in January. Last year, the Jordan’s home was raided on February 25, 2013. In what turned out to be a strange coincidence, this was the same day the bill with her name on it was first introduced in the Florida House and Senate.In April 2013, the local State Attorney declined to prosecute the Jordans, citing the probable success of a medical necessity defense.

The Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act initiates a comprehensive distribution system for patients who want cannabis as a complementary treatment.

Florida CAN’s work with lawmakers has benefited from the momentum for this issue generated by the constitutional amendment petition drive, funded primarily by trial attorney, John Morgan. Public polling in Florida is over 70% and in some areas as high as 82% in favor of sensible cannabis reform. Lawmakers facing re-election are taking notice of these high levels of support. The interest these bills are generating foretells what is likely to be an exciting legislative session.

Florida CAN took possession of a temporary facility in Tallahassee on January 5, 2014 where Cathy Jordan and her team can work and live during the committee weeks and the legislative session. Our Melbourne office remains open for business.  For interviews contact:  David Jones, Communications Director 321-253-3673 X 2

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